Dr. Anna-Christin Joel
Group leader
Mail: joel(at)
Phone: 0049 -241 -80 26554
Curriculum Vitae





Margret Weißbach, M.Sc.
PhD student
Mail: m.weissbach(at)
Phone: 0049 -241 -80 26554





Lucas Jäger, M.Sc.
PhD student
Mail: jaeger(at)
Phone: 0049 -241 -80 26554





Marco Meyer, M.Sc.
PhD student
Mail: meyer(at)
Phone: 0049 -241 -80 26554




Carmen Kapitel, B.Sc.
student research assistant, Master student







Lena E.M. Schaack, B.Sc.
student research assistant






Annika Schönfeld, B.Sc.
student research assistant



Bachelor and Master students
Adrian Heß (in cooperation with JGU, Mainz)

Former lab members
Hana Adamova, B.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis (2015, 2017)
Nadine Böttcher, project work (2018)
Raya A. Bott, M.Sc. thesis (2016)
Luca Canalella, B.Sc. thesis
Lea C. Erdkamp, B.Sc. thesis (2021)
Matthias Geiger, student research assistant (2019)
Caroline C.F. Grannemann, B.Sc. thesis (2016)
Anne Habedank, B.Sc. thesis (2014)
Dominik Heidt, B.Sc. thesis (2021)
Peter Kappel, B.Sc. thesis (2014)
Robin Karge, M.Sc. thesis (2020)
Jenice Linde, student research assistant (2018-19)
Sergio Molina, B.Sc. thesis (2019)
Marius Neugebauer, M.Sc. thesis (2021)
Linda Orth, B.Sc. thesis (2015)
Nils Rosenkranz, M.Sc. thesis (2020)
Eva-Marie Schaa, B.Sc. thesis (2021)
Dorothea Schmitt, B.Sc. thesis (2019)
Jamal Shihada, project work (2018)
Annika Simon, B.Sc. thesis (2019)
Ellen Sisternich, B.Sc. thesis (2020)
Julian Thomas, student research assistant (2019-20)