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P.s. wir sprechen ebenfalls Deutsch, auch wenn die Homepage auf Englisch ist


I’m very happy to announce the newest publication Cribellate thread production as model for spider’s spinneret kinematics of our group!

A warm welcome to Marco Meyer! He joined our team today as a new PhD student to study and biomimetically transfer the nanofibre processing of cribellate spiders.

The review article “Laser engineering of biomimetic surface” as been accepted and published by Material Science and Engineering: R. To download the aricle, you can use the following link for the next 50 days.

Interested in the latest results of our group? With our cooperation partners, we shed light onto the anti-adhesive properties of the calamistrum in the just accepted manuscript Biomimetic Combs as Anti-Adhesive Tools to Manipulate Nanofibers

Lucas Jäger joined our team as new PhD student to study the influence of surface structure and chemistry onto the adhesion of cribellate threads. Welcome!

New insights into the mechanics of the cribellate thread of Psechrus: Uncoiling springs promote mechanical functionality of spider cribellate silk


(c) AWK NRW / Andreas Endermann

Anna-Christin Joel became a member of the Junges Kolleg of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts.

A new publication of our research group is online. The southern house spider produces crazy cribellate threads: Small behavioral adaptations enable more effective prey capture by producing 3D-structured spider threads

Our group joined the Project “BioComb4Nanofibers”, founded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. For more information about the project, see e.g. our researchgate page: Researchgate BioComb4Nanofibers

Margret Weißbach and Anna-Christin Joel published a review in Integrative & Comparative Biology: Same principles but different purposes: passive fluid handling throughout the animal kingdom

Margret Weißbach and Anna-Christin Joel are shown in the News, attending the international congress of arachnology in Christchurch (NZ). Check out 1 news now.

Anna-Christin Joel was interviewed by Laura Rohrbeck from the WDR.

Margret Weißbach won the second prize presenting her poster “Biological processing of fibres: How the spider’s spinneret morphology influences the complex shape of cribellate capture threads” at the Phylogenetic Symposium in Tübingen.

Margret Weißbach got a RWTH Scholarship for her Doctoral Studies. Congrats and welcome to the team!